Project Africa – Uganda 2019 Fund Raising

Aldermaston Scouts – Uganda
Berkshire Scouts will partner with Softpower Education a British Charity working in Uganda. The expedition to Uganda will take place at the end of July 2019 for a 3 week period and the Scouts will work on building improvement projects for schools in poor rural areas. Funds raised will also support the wages for teachers as well as sponsor children in their eduction.Project Africa is a long term international community development programme run by Berkshire Scouts to support schools, teachers and local communities help secure a good education and start in life for children in poor rural communities in Africa. 3 Aldermaston Scouts  have volunteered for this project to Uganda and they need to raise £3,000 each to go.

The Scouts are selling car wash Vouchers £10 and Bob a job vouchers.  Buy your voucher and arrange time and date for car wash or Bob a Job.